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This web site is a venue to connect prospective home buyers and sellers with licensed REALTORS®, real estate agents and brokers. Agents subscribing to IAmRelocating.com certify that they have an active real estate license in their state of practice, and are either a broker or are supervised by a broker in their state. Agents agree that under the conditions of this web site, prospective buyers and sellers will be contacting them.


IAmRelocating.com sole and primary function is to display agents professional services available, and also provide direct links to the agents. Agents providing information on this site agree to be truthful in their descriptions and NOT mislead prospective home buyers and sellers in any way.

Limitations of Liability

The IAmRelocating.com web site is operated by IAmRelocating.com a division of Cross Web Tech (CrossWebTech.com) and it's owners and any of it's employees are not liable for any errors on the site, are not liable for any communications or interactions between a listing applicant or any user of the site. IAmRelocating.com is not involved in any transaction of property for sale between buyers and sellers. Those who wish to place a listing on the IAmRelocating.com web site or wish to contact someone using the information provided on the web site do so at their own risk. Should you have any disputes among one or more users you agree to release IAmRelocating.com, its owners and any employees, from any claims or damages. It is the responsibility of the listing advertiser (agent) to maintain all requirements according to any laws. IAmRelocating.com cannot and does not confirm each user's or listing advertiser's identity or qualifications. IAmRelocating.com is not responsible for the claims made in listings or for the content of any communication sent by any user of this site. IAmRelocating.com does not warrant that the web site will operate without error or that any pages or its server are free of computer viruses or other harmful devices. IAmRelocating.com is not responsible for your ability or inability to use the web site, and is not responsible for any lost profits or damages resulting from your use or inability to use the site. Any disputes arising or relating to this Terms of Use agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless IAmRelocating.com and its owners and any of its employees from and against claims, actions or demands, including without any limitation any legal or accounting fees, made by any third party alleging or resulting from your use of the materials on this site or your breach of the Terms of Use

IAmRelocating.com reserves the right to:


Payment by agents is on an annual basis and shall be paid for each year in advance. Agents will be notified when renewals are due, and have no obligation to renew. IAmRelocating.com accepts PayPal and credit/debit card processing. Subscriptions may also be paid by personal check, money order or any other form of payment that user and IAmRelocating.com owners agree upon.

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