Frequently Asked Questions

I Am Relocating

I Am Relocating is a network of experienced national relocation specialist who are dedicated to assisting individuals and families with all their real estate needs.

What does do?

After you have submitted your information we send it to an experienced real estate professional in the area that your are looking to relocate and/or near you who will assist you in selling your home.

What do I need to do?

NOTHING! After submitting your information, we forward your information to the local, experienced real estate professional in our network. So all you have to do is wait for the email or phone call.

How long will it take?

Due to varied circumstances we cannot give an exact time that it will take for a real estate professional to contact you. However, we can tell you that usually someone will contact you within 24 hours - it is possible to receive a call within minutes.

Do I obligate myself to anything?

No, by submitting your information you are not, in any way, obligated to work with the real estate agent. You do not have to sell your house or have an agent help find you a new home.

Do I have to pay anything?

You do not have to pay - However, you may need to pay the fees of the real estate agent for their services. That is between you and the agent. We do not set any commissions, as this would be improper and possibly illegal (considered price fixing.) We only assist you in finding a qualified real estate agent.

What if I am unhappy with the agent?

Please let us know! If you are unhappy with the agent that we provided, we can locate another agent to assist you. We also would like to know why you feel that the agent is not qualified. We can then improve our service.

What if I have other questions?

Please let us know! You can contact us at anytime, we will usually respond by the next business day.